Embracing Discomfort

Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable. We are hard-wired to avoid pain and we go to great lengths to avoid it. We all have a comfort zone, where we want to stay, but it’s a static place of no change. We naturally want to feel good all the time, but life doesn’t work like that. About half the time we’re going to have positive feelings, and half the time we’re going to have negative, uncomfortable feelings. Having discomfort does not necessarily mean anything has gone wrong. I’m not talking about physical pain. Physical pain should not be ignored and should be taken care of. I’m talking about mental, emotional pain. I’m talking about the discomfort we feel when we’re trying to change ourselves for the better.

If things like weight loss, self-improvement, and goal achievement were easy and pain-free, more people would be successful at it. The truth is, accomplishing anything worthwhile is hard work and requires us to change. Self-improvement is an uphill climb. There’s no way around it. It’s part of what we are on this planet to learn and to experience. When we are working hard towards improving ourselves in any way, and we experience discomfort and push-back, many people give up on their dreams and goals, but it’s actually a sign that we’re on the right track. It’s good news! We should take it as a signal that we should keep going and dig in and strive even harder.

Instead of resisting the discomfort of change and growth, let’s recognize it for what it is, the price of growth, and embrace it. We can do this. You got this.

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