How to Love Life Just As It Is

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin gave a talk in General Conference entitled, “Come What May and Love It.” ( In that talk he told a story about playing football as a boy, and coming home very discouraged after he lost a game. His mother said, “Joseph, come what may, and love it.”

So often we fail to accept life as it is. We become obsessed with how things “ought to be.” This has been especially evident with the current global pandemic. In some kind of misguided spirit of agency, many people have rebelled against reality, broke the recommended safety guidelines, and consequently made things worse. It is always better when we accept what is, rather than what we wish it was. Wishing things were different is not only a waste of time that could be better spent, but it will bring our spirits down as well. The reality is that life ought to be exactly as it is right now. It was never meant to be any other way.

Here’s another quote from the same talk:

How can we love days that are filled with sorrow? We can’t–at least not in the moment. I don’t think my mother was suggesting that we suppress discouragement or deny the reality of pain. I don’t think she was suggesting that we smother unpleasant truths beneath a cloak of pretended happiness. But I do believe that the way we react to adversity can be a major factor in how happy and successful we can be in life.

If we approach adversities wisely, our hardest times can be times of greatest growth, which in turn can lead toward times of greatest happiness.

He then gave several suggestions for dealing with adversity in ways that help us grow towards happiness, rather than wallowing in despair. I recommend reading the talk. It is excellent. What I noticed about his suggestions is that they all begin in our thoughts. He recommends things like finding humor in difficult situations, remembering that every human being has trials, trusting God to make things right, keeping an eternal perspective. These are all ways that we can change our thoughts about difficulties we all face in our lives. Therein lies the secret to a better life: changing our thoughts.

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