Manage Your Brain For Success

Let’s talk about our brains. There’s a lot going on within that lobed gray matter. Scientists have divided the brain into sections, and have told us what sections perform what functions. I would like to talk today about two sections of our brains.

First, is the primitive brain, which has other names, including the reptile brain. It is located in the back, lower part of our skull. The function of the primitive brain is to keep us safe. It is where the fight or flight instinctive response is located. This part of our brains tells us to not take risks, to “stay in the cave” where it’s safe. This is an important function. Obviously, it keeps us from taking stupid risks and endangering ourselves. However, sometimes it works too well, and we end up staying so safe that we rinse and repeat old habits of behavior and fail to advance and grow. We can see this in our lives when we find ourselves staying well within our comfort zone and not learning or changing or growing much. Sometimes this part of our brains keeps us from making necessary changes, such as making more healthy choices for our relationships, our bodies and our spirits. It tries to convince us that status quo is the way to go. People who claim to be shy are letting their primitive brains dictate their social interactions.

Fortunately, we also have a frontal cortex, or modern brain; a large section that starts in the front and wraps around the top part of our skull and is responsible for things like problem solving, memory, language, reasoning and impulse control. The frontal cortex can veto the primitive brain’s attempts to keep us from changing. It can help us accomplish goals, solve problems, and create new, healthier patterns of thinking and living.

An unmanaged brain is kind of like a small child running around with a knife. If you find yourself stuck in patterns of thought and behavior that, while they may keep you safe, don’t serve you anymore, life coaching can help you learn how to access the frontal cortex and make real, life-changing progress and change. Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? Are you ready to gain better control of your negative emotions and thoughts? Would you like to be more loving and confident? I’m ready to help you do all of that. I have a six week program that is helping people like you right now live fuller, more productive lives. Sign up for a free 45-minute consultation session to find out if life coaching is right for you.

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