Peace is My Last Name

When I met my husband, I couldn’t even pronounce his last name, Dupaix. He helped me. It’s pronounced “do-PAY.” It’s a French (actually Belgian) last name. What I didn’t find out until quite a bit later is the meaning of the last name that I now share. It means “Of Peace.” I love that! I feel so lucky to have that as my last name!

Peace is my favorite emotion. Maybe it’s because I raised seven children, but if I could choose to feel any one feeling all the time, it would be peace. Is it possible to feel peace all the time? Probably not in this life, but feeling more peace than you currently do is definitely possible. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace. Living the commandments and the covenants we make brings peace. For me, attending the temple brings peace. And, a concept I didn’t understand until I started investigating life coaching is this: managing my mind and my thoughts brings me peace. Many of my clients also have found greater peace through being coached.

I would love to share with you the things I have learned through my training to become a certified life coach. I promise you that if you apply the things I teach you, you will feel a greater measure of peace in your life. You will find being coached by me to be non-judgmental and mind-expanding. You can trust me. Peace is my last name.

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