My Journey to Life Coaching

Hello, everyone! My name is Karen Dupaix. I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am a wife, a mom to seven kids, and a grandma to three little girls. I am a returned missionary and a temple worker. I love to create beautiful things. I love chocolate and chick flicks. I love being in nature and growing a garden. I am a part-time special ed school bus driver. I am also a life coach.

Maybe you are unclear on what a life coach is. There is no governmental regulation on life coaches. Pretty much anyone can claim they are a life coach if they want to. There are also many different certification programs and schools that teach people to be a life coach. I attended The Life Coach School, and will soon earn my certification. In my opinion, it is the very best training on the planet for becoming a life coach.

Life coaches help people handle their lives. They coach anything from weight loss to achieving goals to how to handle depression and disappointment. The training I received at The Life Coach School has helped me so much! I am a different person today than I was a few months ago when I started on this journey. If you’re looking for an objective point of view and some great tools to help you along your life journey, you would benefit from talking to a life coach.

So, how did I become interested in life coaching? Well, as I said earlier, I have seven children. They currently range in age from 18 to 31. They’re all officially adults, and my youngest graduated this past spring…which was interesting, considering it was during a global pandemic. Anyway, from the time of their birth, I had the perfect plan for each of my children. It wasn’t a plan regarding the careers they would have, or whom they would marry, but it was a plan for their spiritual lives. It closely followed Heavenly Father’s plan, and included things like being active in the church, obeying the commandments, the boys (and maybe the girls) serving missions, and everyone marrying in the temple. We are a forever family, and I thought that’s just how things should be in forever families.

Some of my children had other ideas and plans for their own lives. Wouldn’t you know it, they decided to exercise their agency and make their own choices! I want to make sure to say here that my kids are great kids and great human beings; every one of them. However, some of their choices blind-sided me, and last year I found myself pretty much emotionally devastated. I wondered where I had gone wrong and what I could have done differently. I am sure I was depressed and I felt I needed help. My husband was as upset as I was, and it didn’t really help talking to him because he was right in the thick of things like I was.

I decided to look for a counselor, and asked my bishop for a referral. I ended up on a website for LDS counselors, and I emailed one of them. I never heard back. Then, my husband, who works for the Church, said that there were counselors available through our insurance, and I tried to find one through that option. I found one that looked like a good fit, and emailed her. I never heard back. Again.

I had a lot of negative thoughts at that point about nobody caring and nobody having time for me. Maybe looking for help just wasn’t what I was supposed to do. Then, one day, my son randomly forwarded to me a link to a podcast by someone named Jody Moore, who is an LDS life coach. I started listening. Then I went back to her very first podcast and binge-listened to all of her podcasts in order, as far as I was able. She taught me that our circumstances are neutral and that our thoughts about our circumstances create our emotions, which then drive our actions, which bring about our results.

Why hadn’t I heard that before? For me it was a game-changer! It put me back in the driver’s seat of my life, and especially my emotions. I could choose my feelings through choosing my thoughts. I was amazed. I was very curious to know where she had learned these concepts. That’s how I discovered The Life Coach School. Brooke Castillo is the founder of the school and is personally involved in all the teaching that goes on there. I looked around the school’s website and watched videos about becoming a life coach. After thinking about it for several weeks, I decided I wanted everyone to learn about the concepts that have been so helpful to me. So, I signed up for the life coach certification program.

So, now my goal is to reach other moms like myself whose children have made choices they were not expecting, and have caused them emotional anguish. I want to help these moms the way I was helped. I know I have the tools and the skills that can make a positive difference in their lives, and help them find peace and hope.

In future blog posts I’ll be talking more about the concepts I’ve learned through my life coach training.

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